Happy New Year!

Dear Church Family,
God did a lot of wonderful things through East Ridge in 2017. We have a lot to be grateful for. Even though some of our beloved members have passed away, we are still growing.
God reminds us in Revelation that He has His eye on every church.  To each of the seven churches mentioned, He said “I know thy works….”. Then, He revealed what He saw, both the good things and the bad.
Do you wonder what God would say if we were eighth church that He described? Unlike the church at Ephesus, I doubt He would say, “thou hast left thy first love”. No. We still love the Lord Jesus at East Ridge.
Would He warn us of persecution and suffering to come as He did the church at Smyrna? It may be coming. We need to be on our guard.
Would He compare us to the church at Pergamos and Thyatira that had allowed false doctrines to be taught? We need to guard against Satan who never stops trying to lead the church astray, away from the truth of God’s Holy Word.
God told the church at Sardis. “Thou art dead”. May He never say that about us.
I fear that He may say to us what He said to the church at Laodicea, “Lukewarm”!
I believe that God is saying to us what He said to the church at Philadelphia. “I have set before you and open door and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word and hast not denied my name.” We have an open door of opportunity to win lost souls and grow in 2018. While no man can shut it, we have to choose to pass through it. If the church passes through this door of opportunity in 2018, we will do it one member at a time.
Please take the challenge to step forward and do more for God than you ever have before. Be faithful. Help our church pass through the door of opportunity.  It may not always be open. Will you lead people to Christ starting now?
God has His eye on us, too
We love you.
See you Sunday.
Bro. Alan