Keeanger? What is a Keenager??

Keenagers would be our Senior Adult group; they have fun like teenagers but are a bit more “keen” to life. This group enjoys staying active and fellowshipping together in fun environments. These fun environments often involve FOOD! Do you get the senior citizen discount at restaurants? Then you will fit in perfectly! See what our seniors do every month below.

Southern Spice Breakfast

Once a month our Keenagers go to Southern Spice for breakfast. They meet there at 8:30 am and enjoy a time of fellowship with one another. The staff at Southern Spice both know and love our group that goes every month!

Dry Creek Fish Fry

Once a month, Dry Creek Baptist Camp hosts a fish fry. Our seniors load up in our church van and make the hour trip there to enjoy good food and to fellowship with each other and senior adult groups from other churches. Join them for the next trip to Dry Creek, but let them know you are coming for the head count!

Bean Ball Baseball

Bean Bag Baseball? Yes, that’s what we said. Bean. Bag. Baseball.

Bean Bag Baseball is a sport that our senior adults have started playing in recent years. The object is to throw bean bags at a board on the floor. Depending on which hole you make the bean bag into depends on how many bases your team gets to move, if you get a home run, or if you are out! Our senior adults have a blast with this game! They also play other teams from other churches and organizations. Once a year, their teams participate in the Senior Adult Olympics have have done very well in past years!